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Colin, age 7 -“Lulu and Maxwell are both resourceful and adventurous. Lulu is funny when she is dog paddling.”

Dad - “This is a fun story that we enjoyed and my kids would want to read it again and again. When they heard there were more books in the series, they expressed interest in reading them.”

Cline, age 7 3/4 - "The book is really funny and I think other kids will like it. Lulu is a funny dog and Maxwell is fun, adventurous and caring."

Chelsea, age 4 1/2 - I think Lulu is cute and funny and Maxwell is fun and a good friend. I would like my daddy to read it to me again. It was funny.

Dad - "Very easy to read and it flowed well. It has great illustrations and colourful. My kids pointed out certain things and laughed when something funny happened. They enjoyed the story and would like Tuesday to Friday stories too."

Charlotte, age 4 -“Lulu is a happy dog. I like the book so much that I don’t want my friends to have my story.”  

Kid Reviewed and Parent Approved

Arianna, age 6 - “I think Lulu is cute, silly and friendly and Maxwell is adventurous, silly and sneaky. Kids will like it because everybody likes cute dogs.”

Dad - “She was very engaged. The story is really silly and the colours are very vibrant.”

Rowan, age 7 -“I think Lulu is cute, funny and silly and Maxwell is creative and adventurous. It was funny when she thumps to the bottom.”

Mom - “We thought the book was a fun adventure. The colours and illustrations are vibrant and fun. We want to find out what Lulu gets into next!”

Shelby & Connor, age 8 -“Lulu is funny and silly and Maxwell is creative and caring. Very colourful, adventurous and fun”

Mom - “ We think it’s great and kids will love it. It is a very fun read.”

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