The Lemons-to-Lemonade Initiative


Due to COVID-19, many people and businesses are experiencing hardships unlike anything they’ve coped with before. But it’s important to remember that we’ll all get through this with help from each other. And this crisis is presenting us with a golden opportunity to see things in new ways, and to use a creative approach to helping others.


When we at Toronto’s own Lulu & Maxwell started publishing our children’s books, our mission was to bring smiles to kids and adults around the world and to help people where we could. We’ve donated books to places near and far, from the libraries of our old elementary schools and the Children’s Book Bank, to a cancer treatment centre for kids in Australia. Yes, Lulu & Maxwell has gone international. We even made our way into British royal circles.


We’re ready to do more, even at this early stage in our company’s development. What can we do for our city, country, and world now?  How can we use our talents to contribute something positive? These are the questions we’ve been asking ourselves.


We know that many people want to help others at this critical time, but with the movement restrictions placed upon us all, this has become challenging. We’re going to make it easy for you. Our lemonade is ready—we just need thirsty customers.

How can you help?


During this time, if you go to, you can purchase a book that we’ll donate to a child in our great city through one of the Toronto Christmas funds for kids. (We’ll donate it at Christmastime so we don’t have to travel the city at this time). But you’ll be helping in more ways than one. From each purchase, we’ll also give $5.00 to Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank. Right now they can use your help more than ever.


And for doing such a good deed, we’re going to give you a gift: promo codes you can use to download our first two books for FREE. See how the silly adventures all began with When Lulu Met Maxwell, and then read the first in a series, Lulu, Are you Going to Sleep All Day? Monday. This is our way of saying thank you to all our supporters.


Please help us do what we’re good at—using our imaginations to make the world smile. We may be starving artists, but we lack nothing when it comes to imagination. 

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Lemons to Lemonade Initiative. 

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