They like us, they REALLY like us!


age 6: 

“I think Lulu is cute, silly and friendly and Maxwell is adventurous, silly and sneaky.

Kids will like

it because everybody likes cute dogs.”


“She was very engaged. The story is really silly and the colours are very vibrant.”

Early_reviews_2 .png

Rowan, age 7: “I think Lulu is cute, funny and silly and Maxwell is creative and adventurous.

It was funny when she thumps to the bottom.”


“We thought the book was a fun adventure. The colours and illustrations are vibrant and fun. We want to find out what Lulu gets into next!”

"I very much enjoyed the text and illustrations of this fun happy book. The Canadarm is super fun and clever but I enjoyed it all and their whole adventure!

  I so love Lulu and Maxwell’s love for each other! The book is pure joy and happiness. The world needs more of that!  Yay for LULU AND MAXWELL!"  Michele V.


Emma and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE each of the books — Monday to Friday!! Emma has already asked me many times if there will be a book about ‘the weekend’!!!


She remembers the details you secretly told her to look out for in each book. In the book ‘Friday’, she told me to watch out for something ‘pink and purple’. She was so happy to see the cake at the end of the story!!


I enjoy reading the books just as much as Emma enjoys going on the adventures with Lulu and Maxwell! Just when we think one day (one book) is our favourite story — we are amazed at the next one! Emma agrees, we can’t simply choose one as our favourite, each story is amazing! The stories are fun and silly, and full of adventure! Often as I’m reading the story Emma will ask, "what’s that?" (when she hears a new phrase like ‘inner space’) then the story seamlessly fulfils her curiosities. We love the characters and adventures, and love watching the stories unfold with the beautiful city of Toronto as the home base and background. It makes Emma feel so proud when she sees familiar landscapes in the illustrations! The artwork on each page is simply amazing and beautiful! We can’t get through one book without giggling and smiling a few times. 


Thank you for creating such amazing characters (including Lulu’s doggie friends) and fun adventures that we can get lost in Toronto with. We are so happy to have added these books to our collection and we will enjoy reading them over and over again for years to come. I look forward to the day Emma can proudly read these stores to me and her younger cousins. 

With much appreciation,



This is my granddaughters first “big girl” book and it’s the perfect one to capture her attention with beautiful illustrations and endearing writing. Wednesday seems to be her favourite day of the week. Excellent use of Toronto landmark photographs as the backdrop for the motley crew of puppies on their adventures. The quality of this full collection is superior with thick brightly saturated illustration. The daily writing is consistent and familiar to children as they like to repeat one liners. This is great story telling and entertaining for both adults and children. Congratulations and thank you for bringing this lovely friendship into our home.

Grammy Colleen and Baby Rosie

"My 6 year old daughter thought Lulu was silly, playful, and funny. and Maxwell was friendly, adventurous, and sneaky. "TUESDAY was a funny book.

The best part was when the security guard chased them.

I like all the adventures Lulu

goes on." The illustrations were wonderful." Anita. G. 

"What a great adventure for WEDNESDAY. I love the real photos used for the background.

The costumes were hilarious. What else could you expect from

a switcheroo day ...but

a rock concert with dogs! Wish I could have attended that concert. The best adventure with Lulu and Maxwell so far. Not sure how you can top that!   5 STARS!"

Amanda W. 

"I read Lulu, Are You  going to Sleep All Day? Monday. and Friday books. Lulu is a fun, smart, and energetic dog and Maxwell is a funny, creative,

and cool girl.  Pets play an extraordinary role in ours lives, and pet owners have always wondered what their pets do when their owners are away. Monday tells that story with enthusiasm, humour, and imagination. It's a treat for readers of all ages. The Friday story introduces a diverse set of characters through the loving relationship between a dog and her human friend. This charming story will leave you smiling and wanting more. 5 STARS!" Arjun 

" Lisa,  the Collection books arrived safely this afternoon and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Absolutely beautiful job. The stories are wonderful and the illustrations are fabulous."

My daughter really loved the book and series. Especially the pictures! She has taken it everywhere to share and read with other family members. 

"Just received the collection (Monday-Friday) of L&M books. WOW!!! Kids and  parents are going to love these books! Colourful figures jump off the pages and various Toronto backdrops/landmarks are amazing. Each book is jam packed full of educational tidbits and so much fun.  Each character is beautifully illustrated and are eye candy for kids and adults alike. 
Each adventure of Lulu and Maxwell makes you want to read more
about these two unique characters and their friends. I also love the fact
that the entire process of publishing the books is Truly Canadian from the author and illustrator to the printing, binding and everyone else involved. 
The Collection of Five Books is a beautiful keepsake." Mary A.

"This week I've been reading the book to my 6 year old. We are fascinated with all the illustrations, the colours and the adventures. Some times during the day he asks about the places described in the book and he can't wait to visit the Aquarium!  This is a beautiful master piece! Congratulations! We love Lulu and Maxwell.  "

Veronica and Luca 


On Monday, Lulu and Maxwell find themselves swimming with sharks and other creatures at the aquarium.

Tuesday’s adventure features Lulu, Maxwell, and her human friends visiting the Really Old Stuff museum.

A slight misunderstanding on Wednesday has Maxwell, Lulu, and her dog friends performing at a huge rock concert on Yonge St.

A rainy Thursday takes Lulu and Maxwell Down Under, where they meet some bouncy new friends. 

Friday’s adventure transports Lulu and Maxwell to the Imagine Nation and it's really out of this world. 

Things aren't always what they seem in these silly tales of friendship and adventure.


When Lulu's mummy leaves for work every day, she assumes Lulu will spend the day curled up sleeping. What else could she possibly do?

After all, Lulu is a dog, and dogs do sleep all day... Don't they? Not Lulu.



FUN FACTS about Author L.S. Miller 

Four is the author’s favourite number.

It’s used subtly in each of the books. In fact, L.S. even made up a song about four way back when she was a kid. Her friends are very aware of this fact and the song.


Kids and adults alike love the first book.

It’s true. We did a focus group of over fifty kids and adults, and all gave the book a huge thumbs-up. L.S. says, “When you look at the book, you’ll like it. When you read it, you’ll love it!”

Click on the image below to see a slideshow of the real Lulu. 

The Real Lulu

As proud Canadians, we strive to create the best Canadian children's book series,
and that is why our books are imagined, written, illustrated, edited, and printed in Ontario.

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