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There’s a special time of day for a young child and parent, a time to disconnect from the world in order to reconnect with each other, when all of the screens are turned off and imaginations are turned on.


That time is bedtime, and the best thing about bedtime is sharing a great bedtime story. After picking out a new or favourite book, you and your child get to snuggle up in their bed by a soft light, turn the first page, make funny faces and voices, and go on an adventure together. The adventure usually ends with an excited plea, “Please read it again!” which you return with a loving smile and a gentle kiss good night. What a great way for you both to end the day.

You never want either of you to forget that time when you connected so deeply. You hope that one day your child will share such moments and stories with their own children.


Unveiled: The Woman Who Wrote The Children’s Book Series, 

Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Day?


LS Miller, aka Lisa didn’t plan on writing a children’s book or becoming an author in her lifetime. She was as happy as a clam owning a successful fitness business, enjoying life and taking long walks with her dog, Lulu.


Lisa is a very talented person who can do anything she sets her mind to and do it with class. When I think of the word, success, I think of Lisa. People, like myself, like to be around Lisa as she’s got such a zest for life. I’m honoured to be her business partner and illustrator. 


One day I mentioned to Lisa that I wanted to publish a children’s book, but I needed someone to write the stories. Lisa saw the development of the characters, Lulu and Maxwell come to life over time and that inspired the writer in her. I mentioned that Lisa can do anything that she sets her mind to. She called me the next day and told me that she wrote a children’s story that I might like. She also mentioned that the story just came to her while she was listening to music; she wrote the whole story in 45 minutes. I asked her to read the story to me to see if it was any good. It was great! 


Lisa doesn’t think of herself as an author. She considers the title of storyteller more appropriate. Thankfully, Lisa runs the show and that’s why our books look the way that they do. Stunning! She's actually an amazing art director. Not only did she write five children’s books, Lisa also creates all of our quotes for social media posts and manages marketing campaigns and is preparing for our book launch. Lisa really doesn’t stop. "Where Imagination Meets Adventure," and "Never Let Go of Imagination's Hand" are a few of Lisa’s quotes that I think are genius and one of a kind.


I could talk for hours about Lisa as we’ve known each other since high school, but I think I’ve said all that needs to be said.

Lisa is one of a kind.

Thank you,


Unveiled: The Man Who Draws Lulu and Maxwell


Lisa and Scott may have created the series

Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Day? Monday to Friday, 

but we all know who the real star is. LULU!



Lisa’s dog Lulu, is a truly special dog and she thinks she’s human. Lulu is a Jack Russell Terrier and I love almost everything about her. Lulu without a doubt has inspired me like no other and I started to create drawings of her a few years ago.



Scott’s right. Lulu is a very special dog. She was a rescue who travelled all the way up from the US to live out her silly rock and roll life in our beloved city. She loves meeting people almost as much as they love meeting her. She’s up for anything, anytime, and loves that a series of books has been written about her.

I really think it’s gone to her head.

We hope you get as much joy from the cartoon Lulu as I get from the real one.

Ten FUN FACTS about Author L.S. Miller and Illustrator Scott Allen Hill

1) Favourite childhood books for L.S. consisted of silly and adventurous dogs. Clifford the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell, and Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion topped the list. Scott Allen's faves were Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne, and the beautifully illustrated, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

2) L.S. never had any intentions of writing a children’s book.

The title and story of the first book came to her while taking a break from writing something else. Each book was written in less then an hour, and she completed the remaining four over the next four days.

3) Scott Allen is a self-taught artist and used to be a professional photographer.

Even though he studied art throughout school, his main focus (pun intended) was photography. He excelled at shooting high-speed sports like car racing using a hand-held camera. As well, he photographed food for cookbooks by renowned chefs.

4) Four is the author’s favourite number.

It’s used subtly in each of the books. In fact, L.S. even made up a song about four way back when she was

a kid. Her friends are very aware of this fact and the song.

5) Neither L.S. nor Scott Allen has children of their own, and they have no nieces or nephews.

This constantly surprises people. The author’s quote, which is featured in every book, is Never let go of Imagination’s hand. They never did.

6) Six is the illustrator’s favourite number.

It is not used subtly in the book . . . or maybe it is. He’s always sneaking details in when no one’s looking.

7) Scott Allen hasn’t visited the aquarium in Toronto—yet!

Given the detail of his illustrations in the first book, Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Day? Monday, you’d think he lived in the aquarium. All of his drawings are from his imagination, inspired by many years of diving in Bermuda.

8) L.S. works in the fitness business as a personal trainer specializing in orthopaedic exercises.

“Getting someone to trust you so you can help them go beyond their self-imposed limits to achieve their goals is very rewarding. You have to be creative and imaginative to come up with different ways of not only challenging the body but also preventing boredom with the same workout.”

9) L.S. and Scott Allen are both Toronto born and raised.

For many years they lived five blocks apart but didn’t actually know each other until after graduating from high school. Both are extremely proud to be Canadian and hope to keep the books as Canadian as possible, not only the content and design, but also the production and printing.

10) Kids and adults alike love the first book.

It’s true. We did a focus group of over fifty kids and adults, and all gave the book a huge thumbs-up. L.S. says, “When you look at the book, you’ll like it. When you read it, you’ll love it!”

The Author

L.S. Miller is a business owner in the fitness and health industry. She lives an active life in Toronto, Canada, with her very active Jack Russell Terrier, Lulu. She says that wherever they go people fall in love with her little dog’s big personality, so the best way to share Lulu is to write about her. Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Day? Monday is L.S. Miller’s first in a series of five books showcasing the adventures she thinks Lulu may very well be enjoying when left at home alone.

The Illustrator

Scott Allen Hill is an artist who for many years worked in the photography industry.

He lives in Toronto, Canada, with his Yorkshire Terrier named Gizzy. “Since I can remember, I loved to draw cartoons,” he says. The first book in the Lulu series is Scott's first illustrated children’s picture book. 

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