Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Week?
The Complete Collection



If one day of the week just isn't enough,
you can buy the whole collection titled,
Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Week?
for $89.95 CDN.

 You'll get all five stories in one big book
for less than the price of four individual books.
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They like us, they REALLY like us!

"A unique perspective on the day in the life of a dog in the city." 

“Holy smokes. This is beautiful.”  
“A fun read for children and adults alike. Great creative stories told from a dog’s hilarious, yet sensitive
point of view.”

This series takes the reader on a series of trips and also on a journey. The trips start and end in Toronto and introduces young readers to famous Toronto landmarks that they may know and will certainly want to visit. The journey takes the reader from familiar places to new and unfamiliar ones and finally to the intangible world of the imagination. 
The illustrations are perfect for young readers. They used vibrant, attractive colours and they contained interesting details without being too busy. The more detailed images like the aquarium and the Imagine Nation were gorgeous. Lulu and Maxwell always find friendship, excitement, and lots of laughs along the way. I enjoyed these stories very much and would definitely recommend them to parents.
“I recently read a series of books in which a cute dog named Lulu goes on a fun adventure each day with her friend, Maxwell. The illustrations bring the story to life. Perfect for read alouds. The author has captured our city in the adventures and makes it easy for us Torontonians to make connections to places and people from diverse backgrounds. When you read the first one, you definitely want to know what happens the next day!”
“Just received the Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Week? Collection set. (Monday-Friday) WOW!!! Kids and parents are going to love these books! Colourful figures jump off the pages and various Toronto backdrops/landmarks are amazing. Each book is jam packed full of educational tidbits and so much fun.  Each character is beautifully illustrated and is eye candy for kids and adults alike.  Each adventure of Lulu and Maxwell makes you want to read more about these two unique characters and their friends. I also love the fact that the entire process of publishing the books is Truly Canadian from the author and illustrator to the printing, binding and everyone else involved.  The Collection of Five Books is a beautiful keepsake. Well done, Lisa and Scott and Lulu!”

“Wow! What a stunning book.” 
“The illustrations are fun, vibrant, appealing, and imaginative.”

This week I've been reading the book to my 6 year old.

We are fascinated with all the illustrations, the colours

and the adventures. Some times during the day he asks

about the places described in the book and he can't

wait to visit the the Aquarium! This is a beautiful master piece! Congratulations! We love Lulu and Maxwell. 

Lulu arrived today. It is lovely. You are very talented. I read some to the kids before nap today. They are at an age where the pictures are the best part. I love it. Please let Lisa know that it was a big hit. We will share on our daycare page and with friends. Thanks again.

“I liked that some
of the story (start and end) were similar in each
book. Made a
good connection
to each day and
I imagine the repetitiveness
is great for children.
They can feel like
they are a part of it.”

“A fun, easy read
children’s book that
adults will get a kick
out of. If you love
pets and adventure
this is for you. Lots
of references to
Toronto and Canada.”

“The detailed images were gorgeous.”

“Oh my goodness. They’re so cute. You guys hit it out of the park. Congrats.”

“This series introduces readers to the many fabulous venues that Toronto has to offer. This is one feature that makes it stand out from other’s children’s books.”

“Lulu is cute,
silly, funny,
and adventurous.” Maxwell is fun loving, free spirited, confident, and adventurous.”

“I loved the relationship between
Lulu and Maxwell.”

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