She was focused. She was fed, watered and walked. She was prepared to win gold! She was not, however ready for or expecting the flock of Canadian geese that were in her peripheral as she started her run.  Oh no! How did they get in the country? Those geese always seem to be everywhere. Despite Lulu's brief encounter with them,she still managed to get back in the zone as she quickly jumped back on her sled, and flew down the track where she won a silver medal for Team Lulu and Maxwell. YAY LULU!!! 

Thankfully Maxwell was much more focused and less distracted by the Canadian geese that took Lulu out of contention for the gold in the skeleton competition. Maxwell hit the bumps with no mistakes and that was enough to give her the Gold Medal in Moguls. Congratulations Maxwell!

Maxwell was flying high during her runs. She can now sit back and cheer for Team Canada as she easily took gold in all of her snowboarding events. Yay Maxwell!

As she flew through the air, Lulu knew that she better not land on all fours.

She held tight and went on to win the gold for Team Lulu and Maxwell. Yay Lulu!

They knew it would be tough, but not this tough. They couldn't let their fans down. After many feeble attempts and a lot of trial and error, Team Lulu and Maxwell concocted a brilliant idea. The code name was THE ROCK AND ROLL

Their winning formula was to put Lulu right on top of the rock and just, "let 'er go!" When she got to just the right spot, she would roll off and if need be, push the rock back a bit with her hind legs. That my friends is how Team Lulu and Maxwell won the gold medal in curling. YAY TEAM!!!

Both Lulu and Maxwell participated In the 5000m speed skating event today.

Lulu had an obvious advantage and took the early lead. Maxwell was absolutely thrilled for her teammate to win the gold while she took the silver medal. Go Team Maxwell and Lulu! They are done for the day and are on their way back to the athlete's village for a good, long sleep. Tomorrow is the final game in the hockey event. Stay tuned!

The moment had finally come. Both teams had been battling tough competitors throughout the series with the hope of making it to this very last game. Now they were battling each other for gold. Luckily for us, Maxwell was in net. She had never played in goal before but was placed there at the last minute due to an unforeseen injury to the team's regular goaltender. She was their only hope. Maxwell was ready and determined to show the team that they had made the right choice. Plus her best friend, Lulu was a great goal scorer. Between the two of them, they knew they had a good chance of capturing the gold.

In the last period, the score was tied 0-0. I told you that they were tough. There were many close calls but no one from either team was able to score. Lulu had  not yet played a single minute in the game because they were still figuring out how to get her tail to fit inside her hockey pants. They had never had a dilemma like this before.

Unfortunately that problem took nearly the whole game to fix. The team's manager had no choice but to cut ... the pants! 

"Oh, that feels much better" Lulu said and with a few wags of her tail she skated onto the ice. She knew what she had to do: Score a goal! There were only ten seconds left on the clock. As soon as the puck dropped, it was immediately passed to Lulu. She skated as fast as she could toward the net. All of a sudden a player from the opposing team tried to slow her down by giving her a small but forceful hip check. Fortunately Lulu is little so it missed the target but she did become unbalanced. As she flew through the air, she shot the puck as hard as she could and watched as it slid past the goaltender's right pad. She had done it. Lulu had won the gold medal for Team Lulu and Maxwell and she did it with four seconds to spare. Way to go Team Lulu and Maxwell!

After placing first and second in the long track event, Lulu and Maxwell naively assumed that short track speed skating would be a breeze because they were using the same skates and it was less mileage. "We got this" they said confidently as they approached the starting line. Immediately the pack of skaters easily passed them. Maxwell quickly realized what was required to win this event; skate really fast and do not fall.

Their competitors were so focused on Lulu's tail sticking out of her uniform and having four skates on. They all lost their focus, fell, and slid across the track in a horizontal position. It wasn't the fastest time in this event but it did get Team Lulu and Maxwell a gold and silver medal. YAY Team Lulu and Maxwell!

The downhill was not Maxwell's favourite event. She preferred the mogul, ski cross or snowboarding events. She substituted in for Lulu on this event because the snow was deeper than Lulu herself and every time Lulu started down the run, she sank. 

"You can do it Maxwell" Lulu said as she rubbed Maxwell's feet that were thawing out from her previous event. Lulu gave her a big lick on her cheek for good luck and sent her on her way up the mountain.

As the  starting buzzer went, Maxwell quickly proceeded down the mountain. About halfway down, she noticed that her toes were starting to cramp."Oh no" she said to herself. "My toes are crossed! Lulu rubbed my feet so quickly that they are now spasming. I have no choice but to stop and take my boots off and uncross my toes." She immediately sat down, took her boot off, and separated her toes until they relaxed. Once she resolved her "anatomy malfunction" she quickly put her boot back on and finished her run. Despite the loss of valuable time, Maxwell ended up winning the bronze medal for Team Lulu and Maxwell.

Way to go, Maxwell!

They were the newest team in this event. They had never had a chance to practice in the sled that they were using. They were inexperienced on many levels but that did not deter them. It was going to be tough but they had to just focus and do their best. Since Lulu had the good fortune of being a very fast Jack Russell terrier with four feet vs the other competitors two, they knew that she had to be the brakeman. That would be their advantage, well that plus the fact that the two of them combined weighed no more than sixty pounds. 

As soon as the buzzer went, Lulu pushed the sled down the track and ran as fast as she could. She quickly jumped into the sled behind Maxwell and the two of them being as light as they were, flew down the track faster than any other team in history to easily take the gold medal. Way to go Team Lulu and Maxwell. You made history with your time. YAAAY!

Oh no! Lulu had slept in and missed the pre-event Ski Cross meeting. She was not familiar with this event so she had to rely on Maxwell to explain it to her.

The only things she understood were that she would be on skis, that many competitors would ski downhill at the same time and that ski cross was considered a freestyle event."Free style?" I know those words" she said to herself.

Thirty minutes later, Lulu showed up to the event wearing her bright pink pyjamas.

The other competitors were stunned by what they saw and laughed so hard that they didn't hear the starting buzzer go off but Lulu and Maxwell did. They got a huge head start and ended up placing first and second. Way to go Team Lulu and Maxwell!

The Snow Angel competition was a breeze for the dynamic duo known as Team Lulu and Maxwell. After all, they were the only team that consisted of a happy dog as one of its members. Lulu loved rolling in the snow so much that her happy tail wagged furiously. It made a very unique pattern in the snow which just added to the artistic component of the event and that was more than enough to get them the gold medal. Way to go Team Lulu and Maxwell. 

It took quite a while for Lulu and Maxwell to get the hang of moving on cross country skis. They managed to finish their races in very respectable times and since they were the only team in the heat that consisted of cartoon characters, they both won gold medals. Yay Lulu & Maxwell!

After two weeks of fun, shenanigans and successful competition, Lulu and Maxwell spent their last night in the faraway land enjoying the closing ceremony

or what Lulu described as "the bright colours and loud bangs in the sky."

To be continued...

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