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Why spend just a day with Lulu and Maxwell when you can spend from Monday to Friday with them? With Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Week? you can now own all five fantastic stories in one rainbow-coloured volume. 


Things aren't always what they seem in these silly tales of friendship and adventure.

When Lulu's mummy leaves for work every day, she assumes Lulu will spend the day curled up sleeping. What else could she possibly do?

​After all, Lulu is a dog, and dogs do sleep all day... Don't they? Not Lulu.


MONDAY: On Monday, Lulu and Maxwell find themselves swimming with sharks and other creatures at the aquarium.

TUESDAY: Tuesday’s adventure features Lulu, Maxwell, and her human friends visiting the Really Old Stuff museum.

​WEDNESDAY: A slight misunderstanding on Wednesday has Maxwell, Lulu, and her dog friends performing at a huge rock concert on Yonge St.

THURSDAY: A rainy Thursday takes Lulu and Maxwell Down Under, where they meet some bouncy new friends. 

​FRIDAY: Friday’s adventure transports Lulu and Maxwell to the Imagine Nation and it's really out of this world. 


As proud Canadians, we strive to create the best Canadian children's book series, and that is why our books are imagined, written, illustrated, edited, and printed in Ontario.


Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Week? The Complete Collection book is 170 pages and includes all five books from the Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Day? book series. The attention to detail in this special volume is at the highest standards of book binding and printing. 100% MADE IN CANADA. 




Lulu, Are You Going to Sleep All Week? The Complete Collection

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